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O Último Fósforo em Lisboa

The last match exhibition travels further in an extended version to Lisabon, Portugal. Now there are 165 artists from 38 countries. The full list you can see on the right column. Under “participants II” you can see the new artists.

The exhibition will be opened at 16.30 on the 16th of January in the gallery Artside and will be opened until the 8th of February.

Lot of thanks to CHILI COM CARNE for hosting the exhibition and also big thanks to the Latvian Embassy in Portugal for their great support!

Artside, Art Gallery / Urban Art Shop
Rua São João da Mata Nr. 53
1200-846 Lisboa
Horário: 2ª/6ª das 14h às 20h, Sáb das 14h às 18h


the last match goes on tour…

… with the flyer of Ingrida Picukane

dates updated soon!

The L Year

In 2010 the “last match” exhibition is traveling further: in January it will be in Lisabon, in February in Linz and in June in Leipzig. In between maybe also in Lucerne… ? To make the L’s complete maybe there is someone in Ljubliana, London, Los Angeles, Lyon, Lausanne, Lübeck, Liverpool, Lahti, Lille, Lillehammer, Liepaja, Luxemburg or Limmerick who would like to show it? Just write us to komikss(at)gmail(.)com. Next year we could do B-cities… let’s see. Soon I write a more exact schedule with more exact dates and places!