Archive for May 24th, 2011

Last Match in Poznan

The exhibition The Last Match travels to Poland to the amazing Ligatura Comics Festival, where it will be called something like “w ostatnim meczu”. The exhibition has already been displayed in Riga, Lisbon, Linz, Lucerne, Haarlem, Erlangen, Leipzig, Tbilisi and Prague and now after a short break travels further.

The opening of the exhibition will be on the third of June. At the festival the exhibition curator David Schilter will be present together with Latvian artist Ingrida Picukane, Martins Zutis and Oskars Pavlovskis. There will be 273 contributions from 51 different countries on display.

There will for example also be contributions from Polish artists Janek Koza (PL), Agata Nawrot (PL), Agnieszka Piksa (PL), Anna Maria Łuczak (PL) and Patryk Mogilnicki. As the exhibition keeps on growing, we hope to get more Polish artists for the upcoming shows. Especially excited we are, that at the Festival will also be present some other international exhibition contributors such as Jeroen Funke (NL), Aleksandar Zograf (SRB), Tom Gauld (UK), Léo Quiévreux (F), Lucie Lomová (CZ) and David Böhm (CZ).