Frequently asked questions and also some not so frequently not asked ones…

– Everyone draws one drawing (not a comic?) on one piece of paper?

Yes, it is a low-budget exhibition, so it should also be low work. Every artist gets only one paper, so in it most probably is only one picture, but if someone has a thin marker, he can also draw a comics on it or even a wimmelbild.

– Will the exhibition only be shown in Riga?

No, the exhibition is travelling around. After Riga it was already shown in Lisbon and Linz and it travels further to Lucerne, Leipzig, Tiblissi and probably lots of other places.

– How much will I get paid?

Hopefully a lot of attention by every visitor! From us you will get a kuš! magazine and a big bold thank you.

– Can I also burn the paper?

Well yes you could, but it will be hard to hang up something not anymore existent. And maybe people will not believe that the invisible artwork is made by you, if it is not there. By the way you should also keep in mind to write your name on the back of the paper…

– Can I fold the paper?

We would prefer if everybody just works in the good old 2 dimensions so that we really can fit some 40 artworks in one matchbox. If everybody would work 3-dimensional, the concept of our exhibition is destroyed. If you want to fold it anyway, and there will be plenty of other people doing it, we might organize an origami exhibition next time.

– When is the deadline?

Always changing, just send the paper and we include it in the following exhibition.

– Does it cost the participation dried cuttlefish cost for this exhibition?

No, you better keep your dried cuttlefish! The participation is free.

– Why is my name not on the list after I sent you the paper?

Did you send us your contribution a while ago and we never answered you? Well we did not forget you, we always send a mail immediately after receiving the paper. In this case your contribution probably was lost in the mail, like at least 5 other contributions we know of… If you did send us something and you are not on the list on the right, please send us a mail (komikss(at)gmail(.)com). If you want then we send you a new paper and you can take part once more and send it to us registered, as this might be safer….

– Can I support the exhibition?

Well this might be a low-budget project, but anyhow we have different costs  such as postage, flyer, rent of exhibition place, exhibition attendance and so on… So we are very happy about any donations:

Bank details:
Name: Biedrība Grafiskie stāsti
Address: Uzvaras bulvāris 5-52, Rīga, LV-1048
Reg. Nr. 40008135798

Paypal: komikss(at)gmail(.)com

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